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The American Turners is a national organization founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1848 by German immigrants. Our motto, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body", explains the purpose of the American Turners. We are a family organization, encouraging people of all ages to be mentally and physically active.

Our 53 Societies, located in 12 Districts throughout the United States, participate in athletic and cultural activities. Many have gymnasiums and teach gymnastics and other sports to people of all ages. We have yearly national competitions in gymnastics, golf, bowling, softball, volleyball, and cultural activities. In addition there are regional events in other sports.


57th German-American Stueben Parade in NYC 2014 - zum Oktoberfest im Central Park. Part 1, Click here. Part 2, Click here. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events


  • » National Bowling - Syracuse
        April 18th - May 16th
  • » National Softball - Ft. Wayne
        June 26th & 27th
  • » National Festival (Turnfest) - Aurora
      July 21st - 25th
  • » National Council Meeting - Ft. Wayne
       October 2nd & 3rd
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» Wilhelm Pfaender, a German Forty-Eighter and a Turner Leader in Germany and America

Liebe/Dear Alle/All: 

Wilhelm Pfaender was a founder of New Ulm, and Justice of the Peace.
In a personal note, Pfaender performed the first wedding in Brown County on March 17, 1857.  The bride was my great-great-grandmother, born Petronella Keller in Prussia in 1815.  She was the widow of Christian Adam(s) who drown in 1856 in the Cottonwood River about 1,000 yards from where I live today.  Christian was the first recorded white death in Brown County.  Adam(s) Park in New Ulm is named after them.
Aufrichtigkeit/Sincerely,  George L. Glotzbach